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When the coffee business comes to help and support children in their education, we have to mention the "Cafes Trottet" Father & son Cie based in Switzerland who is closely working with a coffee producer based in Costa Rica call Carole Zbinden. Carole happens to be a Swiss citizen who has inherited this coffee plantation from her father. 

In 2009, the Pavas de Carrizal school was badly hit by an earthquake and until a new school was built, thanks to funds given by the Trottet Cie, the children were welcome in a church to pursue their education. Thanks to funds given by the Trottet Cie in 2018, children received sports equipment, musical instruments and education supplies for the year.  The Trottet help program to support the school is open with the close help of coffee lovers and friends.


Once on holiday, the children are delighted to help their parents in the coffee fields during the coffee harvest which happen from end of November to the end of February / their summer time

The ambiance during harvest is very enjoyable, fun and done in a great family atmosphere. Children have no obligation to work and are still very happy to learn the right way to pick the red mature seed only from the adults

This is what I wanted to capture in my photography through the coffee lifecycle. It results in collecting a rich mucilage cherry to be harvested manually and selectively at the right time, followed by a meticulous process of pulping, drying and roasting.

To reach Carole:

Carole Zbinden


tel + 506  8324-0707

Facebook: BeneficioJardíndeAromas

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