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Professional life and Certified Career Coach, Trainer,  Photographer, Humanist and father of four.

Born on February 24, 1963 in Winterthur, Switzerland, Marc graduated from the Lausanne School of Creative Photography. 


For 15 years, he taught the Art of Photography himself to young and older students. 

On a deeper level, his passion gradually led him towards a profound interest in human beings.

One thing led to another, he put his skills to work in the Human Resources (HR) department of
various multinationals for the next 25 years and a Human Resources Director for 10 years.


He now dedicates himself entirely to coaching.

Leveraging his professional and personal experiences, he created Human-Touch Coaching in 2020. 

His business consultancy specializes in Coaching, Outplacement,

as well as training for individuals and Companies. 


He’s able to support clients ranging from Teenagers to Senior Managers,  whether they strive to achieve their goals,

or in career / life transition.

Photography remains an element that helps keep a perspective on things, and parallel to the coaching,  he collaborates with humanitarian organizations such as...



who entrust him to make a visual report of their actions in third world countries.

He’s especially attracted by those projects that focus toward Children Education in the most remote villages of the world. Benin, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Cambodia, Cameroun, Ghana, Nicaragua, Philippines, to name a few.  


In short: Education is a fundamental right which should be accessible to all children.

If one picture is worth a thousand words, he hopes his work will awake the mentalities because, bottom line, 

we all can make a difference.

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