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H U M A N   -   T O U C H

COACHING (personal - professional)

One on One Coaching

Teenagers & Adults


  • Conflict management

  • Mediation

  • Psycho-social risk management


  • Career and Life Transition

  • Outplacement

advisory capacity

All Human Resources related matters

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"To accommodate those of you who have health concerns or live outside Geneva,

I also provide face to face zoom sessions with effective interactive tools.

Feel free to inquire."

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Overview ...

I am often asked how I moved from photography to coaching and HR.

Photography is above all an emotional act.

I was introduced to the Photo-Language© tool 25 years ago while still a photographer.

I discovered the powerful benefits of imagery to invite mind and heart to express openly in a group coaching session.

As a facilitator involved in training and coaching sessions, I gradually started using more and more photography through other tools like Points-of-You© and  Positrans©. These are now very present in my work.




3.  Teenagers ...

I put in place a Tailor Made Coaching for teenagers to help them better manage their surroundings (parents, family, friends, teachers…) 

Through the sessions, the young person finds solutions on how to live, cope with her/his “differences” (ADD, Hyperactive, Impulsive, Indigo…)

In short they find ways to better prepare and succeed in their exams, manage their stress and boost their memory.

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1. Senior managers ...

 Coaching Senior Managers (CEO and all other “C” levels) for the last 17 years was like a calling to me. Much like in photography, the idea is to capture the “real” you.

You may be mourning a loss, facing the syndrome of loneliness as a top manager or affected by the daunting challenge of a life / career transition.


Keeping track of changes and embracing transitions are an essential part of my coaching.


4. Human Ressources...

25 years of accumulated experience in Human Resources for large multinational companies (HRD for the last 10) was priceless.


During that time, I was able to put together a complete “hire to retire life cycle”, taking care of employees from the time they join a company to preparing their retirement plan.



2. Outplacement ...

I went through  important career transitions in 20 years. This field naturally became one of my greatest strengths.

The outplacement program I  fine tuned to this day is completely adaptable to any transitions or questions around the topic

I guide people through a skills assessment that allows them to identify and apply new behaviors and competencies for themselves.


They also gain insight, as to how to use what they've learned and adapt it to their new goals.


To your success.

My sincere hope is that the time we spend together feels like a privilege for us both. 


On one hand, opening your field of choices with respect to your pace and rhythm, and in the other, take a step back and define what is best for you in your life, in line with your values.



Allow me to help you achieve your goals

and gain faith in who you are and what you want.

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