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Ghana 034
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Ghana 041
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Ghana 016
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Ghana 010
Ghana 009
Ghana 008
Ghana 007
Ghana 006
Ghana 005
Ghana 004
Ghana 003
Ghana 002
Ghana 001

(Each photo is available in Color or Black and White)

Sekondi / Ghana

  • Smiling faces… friendly people…

  • Ghana is one of the most welcoming places in central Africa I had the chance to visit. Ghana was also the hub for slavery where the Portuguese were first to arrive in 1471.

  • My Ghanean friend Francis Jenal, allowed me to cover a full report on coffee production from harvestingto packaging. Farmers on the spot were kind enough to explain to me the complete and complex process.

  • Thanks to him I was also able to go places not normally accessible to a westerner like Francis' home village of Sekondi, in the Asamansudo region.

  • Many pictures reflect the emotion when these villagers came across him again. This was a great opportunity to also flag the farmers' need for fair trade. The hard work done by all them is tremendous and is all too often overlooked.


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