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Atlas / Morocco




My friend Antonella Notari from the Womanity Foundation, an independent private foundation established in 2005 and based in Geneva, had asked me to cover a concern they had over the “Petite Bonnes” (Little maids) in Morocco.


Rich Moroccans drive to Atlas (mountaineous Moroccan region) and offer poor gullible families to send their young daughters to the city by promising them an education and a better life. It's a hoax and they wind up working as slave-maids. The situation was dire and it was important to bring it out into the open.


I accepted gladly and went to Morocco.


It was a very moving experience to be able to meet with these young girls' families who have been able to get their child back home safely. The Association was to thank for that.


The pictures reflects the emotional impact in the parents' eyes to see their next of kin back.


Womanity is guided by a vision of a world where all women and men have equal and full social, economic and political participation.


The Womanity Foundation empowers women and girls to shape their future, to accelerate progress within their communities.

Tens of thousands of women and girls benefit from the programs they presently run in Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Israel, Morocco and the Palestinian Territories.







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